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Base price € 2,370.00*
    • Main Components € 0.00
      • Processor: Intel Xeon W-2123, 4x 3.60GHz (Skylake-W)
      • Mainboard: ASUS WS C422 Pro/SE
      • Memory module: 8 GB DDR4-2666 1x8GB (Quadchannel-X)
    • System Hardrive € 0.00
      • M.2 system hard drive: Samsung SSD 970 EVO M.2 250GB
    • Additional Hardrive € 0.00
      • Additional SSD Festplatte: No additional Hardrive
      • Additional conventional hard disks: No additional Hardrive
    • Graphic card € 0.00
      • Grafikkarte, fanless cooled: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT710
      • Accessories: No Monitorcabel
    • Additional Accessories € 0.00
      • PCIe Riser: Without
      • Additional LAN Card: Without
      • Wi-Fi:
      • DVD writer:
      • Keyboard:
      • Mouse:
      • Keyboard/mouse combo:
    • Operating System and Software € 0.00
      • Operating System: No Operating System
      • Installation:
      • Language Version:
      • Which Operating System shall we install for you:
      • Version:
      • Product Key:
      • Windows user name:
      • Windows computer name:
      • Service / warranty: 24 month silver-warranty
      • Comments:
Total € 2,370.00*
Professional 3HE Professional 3HE Professional 3HE Professional 3HE Professional 3HE Professional 3HE Professional 3HE

Ultimatives 19" 3HE PC-System mit höchster Leistung

Bis zu 12 CPU-Kernen, Hochleistungsfähiger Rack-PC für professionelle Anwendungen im Bereich Audio/Video, Industrie uvm.

Sofort lieferbar! / Available/on stock!


Additional Hardrive

Additional SSD Festplatte

Compared to electromechanical HDDs, SSDs are characterised by their very high speed, are not audible at all, nearly no power consumption and typically less susceptible to physical shock.

The SSD's we build in of newest generation have proved as extremely reliable.

Additional SSD Festplatte

Additional conventional hard disks

You can choose here one ore more additional noise insulated hard disks, if you need additional storage space.

An insulated hard drive is practically inaudible. When multiple disks are added together it increases the vibration level as well.





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