Cancellation rights

Right of cancellation

  1. Cancellation rights:
    You are entitled to revoke your contractual declaration in text form (e.g. letter, fax, email) within a period of two weeks without stating grounds or by returning the goods, unless you have placed an order as part of your commercial or self-employed activities (orders placed by business enterprises). The time period begins with the receipt of the goods at the earliest and this instruction about your cancellation rights. This period will be deemed as having been observed if notification is sent or the delivered goods are returned within this period. Notification of cancellation must be sent to:

    Deltatronic GmbH
    Industriestraße 46
    76646 Bruchsal
  2. Consequences of cancellation:
    If the contract is successfully rescinded, the delivered goods and any payments received will be returned to the relevant party to the contract and any benefits associated with the same (such as interest) surrendered. In the event that you are not able to return all or part of the goods delivered to you, or if you return the delivered goods in a damaged condition, you will be obliged to pay a certain amount of compensation. This will not apply if the damage to the goods is solely the result of the performance of inspections of the type which may be carried out in retail business. Furthermore, you can also avoid the payment of compensation for damages if you do not make use of the goods as owner and do not do anything to otherwise affect the value of the goods. Goods that can be sent by parcel post can be returned to us at our own cost and risk; goods that cannot be sent by parcel post will be collected from you.

- End of information on the right to cancel -





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