Silentium-i5-i7-sqSuperior Design

Superior Design

Refined, robust with high-quality manufacture

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ITEM-3Ware-9650SE-4LPMLRAID Controller

RAID-controller and levels

Explanation of the RAID-Controllers and the specific RAID-Levels

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Hard disk

HDD-CoolingThe hard disk insulation of the Silentium!

The hard disk insulation of the Silentium!

Fast and still nothing to hear

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Graphic cooling

VGA-CoolingHigh-Speed 3D-Power ohne Lüftergeheul

Highspeed 3D power without a roaring fan

Passive VGA cooling even for the fastest VGA cards

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CPU cooling

CPU-CoolingCPU-Kühlung mit Heatpipe

CPU cooling with heat pipe

Passive processor cooling ensures stable and safe operation

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MSI-BoardQuality mainboards without fan in the Silentium!

Quality mainboards without fan in the Silentium!

Maximum system stability will be guaranteed by exclusively using top brands.

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Power supply

A lot of power without fan noise

Powerful fanless special ATX - power supply unit with large reserves

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