Silentium-i5-i7-sqSuperior Design

Superior Design

Refined, robust with high-quality manufacture

  • The metal body wards off any interfering rays
  • User-friendly, open with one hand only
  • Offers abundant space for various refits
  • Good ventilation
  • Colour coordinated components
  • Front USB and audio connector
  • Right side panel (HiPower-Silent-PC) or an internal passive special cooler (Eco-Silent-PC) provides cooling through natural convection
  • Hard disks are stored in a noise-absorbing insulating casing which is then suspended in a special hard disk cage
  • Positioning at the bottom of the PC-body provides for optimal cooling of the hard disks

KonvektorprofilRight side panel (HiPower-Silent-PC)

Dimensions of the PC Silentium! i5/i7: Dimensions of the PC Silentium! i3:
Height 54 cm Height 47,5 cm
Width 21 cm Width 18 cm
Depth 48 cm Depth 44,5 cm




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