CPU cooling

CPU-CoolingCPU-Kühlung mit Heatpipe

CPU cooling with heat pipe

Passive processor cooling ensures stable and safe operation

  • EfficientA high performance heat pipe (HiPower-Silent-PC) respectively a internal passive special cooler (Eco-Silent-PC) dissipates the heat from the CPU
  • The heat will be dissipated outwards by natural convection
  • Temperature of processor stays low even under unfavourable conditions

This PC-system provides sufficient thermal reserves for the most high performance processors.

How reliable is a passive cooling system with a heat pipe?

Basically, a heat pipe is far more reliable and more durable than a fan, as it requires a closed, maintenance-free system witout moving parts. It is used for efficient heat transfer from the processor for powerful convector cooler.

Schematic depiction of the heatpipe functioning:

heatpipe06Schematic depiction of the heatpipe functioning

The CPU heatpipe cooling system used by Deltatronic is designed for a heat transfer capacity of more than 120 watts. In a typical maximum power dissipation (thermal design power) of our processors it uses less than 100 watts which is more than sufficient.

Deltatronic only uses quality heat pipes that are individually tested and scaled for performance. Not without a reason:

Our measuring of heat pipes from different manufacturers have revealed considerable differences in quality. Glaring example of some samples we tested scattered the transmission capacity of about 5 to 40 watts at a factory specification of 160 watt!

With Deltatronic you're on the safe side! A 100% individual testing ensures consistent high quality and stable function of the cooling well beyond the lifespan of a PC.





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