Graphic cooling

VGA-CoolingHigh-Speed 3D-Power ohne Lüftergeheul

Highspeed 3D power without a roaring fan

Passive VGA cooling even for the fastest VGA cards

By using the innovative heatpipe-technology most powerful graphic-processors can be cooled without using any fans

This PC-system provides sufficient thermal reserves for the most high performance video processors!

A garaphic-card fan like in usual computers as a particularly anoying big source of noise you won't find in a Silentium! PC.

Spoilt for choice

The following tips will help you to select the right graphics card for your application.

  • For "normal" user applications such as Word, Excel, Internet browser eg is the graphics performance of aour standard options more than adequate. In these applications, there is no need of 3D performance. Even video games with low hardware requirements will run on the standard option.
    At this point a note should be allowed:
    The use of high power and high-performance graphics cards is only necessary for the latest videogames to gain a visible advantage. For other applications the special capabilities of these expensive gaming graphics cards are usually useless. In this case the purchase of a very good LCD monitor would be much more useful.
    Exceptions are high-performance CAD graphics workstations wich require the use of special graphics cards. In addition, for high-definition video applications it is advisable to choose a graphics card with HD video acceleration.
  • To gain the highest quality the use a TFT flat panel monitor with DVI connector should be considered. As a matter of principle using the DVI connector achieves a better quality, since the double conversion of the signal (digital-analog-digital) is eliminated.
  • Would you like to connect a display with a resolution greater than 1920 pixels, such as a 30-inch monitor, you need a video card with a dual-link DVI port.
  • We have had good experience with the EIZO LCD flat screens for example.




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