Hard disk

HDD-CoolingThe hard disk insulation of the Silentium!

The hard disk insulation of the Silentium!

Fast and still nothing to hear

  • Quiet hard disk drive
  • Fast SATAIII with variable speeds
  • Fitted in a special body and fully enclosed
  • Additional vibration absorbers store the sound absorbing cooling-body to stop vibration and transmitting of excess sound into the PC body.
  • Several hard-disks and RAID-systems are possible.

Typical clattering and other disk noises will be things of the past with operating noises virtually unnoticeable, even in a quiet room.

HDD-Cooling2The hard disk insulation of the Silentium!The outer measurements of the sound absorbing hard disk body 146 x 42 x 155 mm fit within an optical drive for an 5 1/4 - slot
It is suitable to fit into any standard PC body as well.

Which hard disk?

Presently the Western Digital WD-RED is one of the quietest hard disks available. Although it is also one of the fastest disks around. The sound-absorbing fitting means it is hardly audible.

These disks have more than sufficient capacity for standard applications. Most application programs only use a little disk space, however if more storage space is required, e.g. to save huge amounts of videos, photo- or video-files, it is possible to use up to thre additional hard disks each with maximum capacity.

We recommend you fit one large capacity hard drive than several small hard disks. One single cushioned hard disk is hardly heared, whereas several disks will increase the oscillation level.





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