Ban the fan

Silentium! - more than a silent-PC

No more compromises

Every modern working place relies on powerful, silent computers.

Deltatronic is one step ahead with its silent, completely fanless Silentium! -PC, which is suitable for especially sensitive environments.

Music- and multimedia applications require powerful and silent computers.

The same that applies for professional recording studios, applies for homerecording and music fans. When conventional "Whisper-PCs" reach their limit, the Delatronic Silentium! shows its qualities.

However, the best noise free digital audio technology will be useless, if the background noise is predominant and you can not enjoy the full dynamic?

But now the Silentium!-PC makes the use of PC's in acoustic sensitive environments possible. No sound interferes with the silence.

singerNo sound interferes with the silence

  • not audible
  • arbitrarily upgradeable
  • highest processor performance
  • extremely reliable
  • any configuration possible
  • arbitrarily upgradeable with audio-, MIDI-interfaces, dual/triple-screens, high-end soundcards and other equipment

Ban the fan! If you take quality seriously, then you should completely ban fans from your environment.

Ban the fan - choose fanless!

Noise will be accumulated to a multiple when several PC's are in use. Top efficiency will not be possible in such an environment. Stress related productivity decline will be preassigned.

Therefore choose your PC carefully!

fluester-pcSilentium! -PCWith a Silentium! -PC, manufactured for your purposes, you will be more productive, more creative and more successful.





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