Only fanless

Only a fanless PC is really quiet

luefterlosConventional fan cooling

Silentium! - fanless PC from Deltatronic

Conventional PC's are cooled with several fast moving fans. The reason: This is the easiest method to dissipate heat.

The more powerful the computer get, the bigger the noise development.

How can you now combat this noise?
The principle is simple: The passive cooling will be completely conversed which makes the fans redundant. Fanless PC's however, require a cleverly-devised cooling system to dissipate the immense heat production.



nt420kleinFanless Deltatronic! power-supply

The Silentium! as a fanless PC, will be solely cooled by natural air circulation.

  • For passive cooling, heat-generating parts are equipped with accordingly dimensioned cooling bodies.
  • The Power supply takes place with a specially developed fanless power supply unit.
  • The good ventilated body and the specific mounting form of the power supply unit support the natural ventilation and keep the inner temperature of the body on a low level.
  • The processor heat will be dissipated with the aid of a heatpipe to a large surface convector.

Schematic depiction of the heatpipe functioning:

heatpipe06Schematic depiction of the heatpipe functioning


However, there is more to it than that:

hdd k kleinSilentium! sound absorbing cooling-bodyIn conventional PC's hard disks are audible through humming and buzzing. This sounds have been abolished.

The hard disk is fully enclosed and therefore virtually unnoticeable:

  • The hard disk is stored in a sound absorbing cooling-body.
  • Vibration absorbers stop vibration and transmitting of excess sounds into the PC body




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