Really silent

End of PC noise torture

Special cooling technology makes your PC really silent

silent pcSilent!-PC in soundlabNot only quiet but soundless! Only few so-called silent PC's can meet this claim thanks to a fan-less special-cooling technique.

With the Silentium! Deltatronic presently offers the quietest PC-system with the productivity of the latest up-to-date technology.

More or less resourceful PC-builder try to silence their PC's with the aid of various articles sold under the term "Silencing-products". Here bitumen insulating mats, low-noise fans or alike should quieten the traditional technology. However, because the cooling basically has been retained unchanged the results are not very convicing. At all events the acoustic level will be reduced for a few decibel.

Sound loudness is a subjective term describing the strength of ear´s perception of a sound. It is intimately related to sound intensity but can by no means be considered identical to intensity. The sound intensity must be factored by the ear´s sensitivity to the particular frequencies contained in the sound. This is the kind of information contained in equal loudness curves for the human ear. It must also be considered that the ear´s response to increasing sound intensity is a "power of ten" or logarithmic relationship.

Sound level mesurement, test chart

Saying that two sounds have equal intensity is not the same as saying that they have equal loudness. Sound intensity in decibel does not directly reflect the changes in the ear´s sensitivity with frequency and with sound level. Therefore the sone scale of loudness is more meaningful as it is nearly approximate the ear.

PCs under 0,5 SONE sound level can be regarded as Silent PC. Sound levels under 0,2 SONE can be considered as no longer to hear. Such a quality can be achieved by a completely different method of component cooling. E.g. such a Silent PC requires a fanless Power-supply-unit and a passive heat-dissipation off the processor and the graphical card via heatpipe. As only the hard disk remains as the last rotating part in the Silent PC it is important to choose a particulary silent hard disk and acoustically insulate it.

With the Silentium - PC Deltatronic has developed a silent system, virtually not longer to hear which unifies all the mentioned features. Hereby one does not have to abandon quickest and powerful PC-technology.

Many magazines show how highly satisfied customers sense this quality at their workstation. The fanless PC Silentium! of Deltatronic is not only a Silent PC but a piece quality of life.





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