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The truth

The truth about quiet computer

You know yourself...

...buzzling, puffing and humming sounds are sadly side-effects of every common computer. The more powerful the PC, the louder the noise.

The reason: Productivity increase of today´s computer. Producers of processors and Memory chips compete against each other for the highest clock frequency and memory capacities.

The annoying side-effect: The components, especially the processor, produces more heat, which will somehow be released in the ambient air.

The easiest cooling-method is then to affix small, fast-rotating fans to critical components, which are anything but quiet. Each computer is equipped with several of these little "noisemakers"

That is only half the truth: Fans are also the cheapest standard solution for component-cooling. In bulk production every cent is bargained for and often at the expense of the users.

The consequence: Acoustic smog became a worriment for many PC-users. The well-being is afflicted by the penetrating noises. Not until the switch is pressed one will realise how comfortable a really silent PC can be. Click... ahhh... comfortable silence....

...forget what you have heard about quiet computer so far!

Compromises were always necessary:

  • low performance
  • limited configuration possibilities
  • poorly equipped
  • high price

Such devices are noise reduced, however they are not really silent!

Don't make compromises, go for a silent PC!

  • In the living area: Who does not want to enjoy calm in its home and listen to music? Nearly everyone has a PC at home which runs the whole day.
  • At creative work: Full concentration is only possible in a calm surrounding.? Who can arrange one's ideas when surrounded by noise generated by several PCs?
  • On the job: A noise reduction of 10db(A) clearly reduces the error ratio.

To invest in a really quiet computer will be worthwile...


....especially in respect of

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Performs well under pressure
  • Technically matured and a secure thermal concept
  • Full performance and extensibility
  • Completely without fans
  • Full cushioned hard disk
  • amply dimensioned cooling
  • Powerful Power supply unit
  • Higher reliability, dirt-resistant
  • Extensible with the newest technology

Is there a better offer?





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